Our Services

We represent funds and fund managers and introduce focused investment products to Israeli institutional investors, to fit their changing requirements for global exposure.

We constantly screen the institutional investor’s portfolios and are in constant contact with them, looking for trends and changes in allocations.
We “cherry pick” the foreign investment houses and funds that we work with in order to Introduce institutional investors \ investments that will help them allocate more effectively. With mutual funds, we focus on markets and themes where the indices do not reflect the local economy or theme well, due to the high weight of one or several sectors causing high volatility or due to low liquidity. Good, actively managed funds in such markets often beat the benchmark index over time.

Arena GI is engaged in the provision of investment marketing services only, and does not provide investment advice or investment advisory services

We lead the process from A-Z

What we do

Before engaging with a fund manager, we check feasibility and general interest with several potential Israeli institutional investors.
We understand regulatory issues and help managers understand them as well.

After being formally engaged by a fund manager, we arrange a focused roadshow for the PMs with Israeli institutional investors. We lead the due diligence process. We accompany the negotiations and Q&A process between the fund’s investment and legal teams and the Israeli institutional investor, in order to make the process as efficient, fast, and transparent as possible. We maintain an ongoing relationship with the fund’s investors, providing new materials and being the “feet on the street” in Israel.


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